Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region will spend on a concert in honor of the militia 5 млн 600 thousand rubles

Recently the police department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region adopted the technical requirements for the contest for the organization of festive events. Cost of the city budget at a concert of 5 million 600 thousand rubles. For this money, the guards will see some of those stars, which themselves wish to see. The list of possible guests Andrew and Ivan Urgant Maxim Leonids, Alexei Kortnev, Alexander Novikov, Anna Kovalchuk, Yelena Yakovleva, Sergei Garmash, Alexander Tsekalo, Yuri Galtsev, Elena Sparrow, "Turetsky Choir" and the "Lube." Unconditioned favorites on "the street of broken lamps" were Filipp Kirkorov, Alexander Peskov, Boris Moiseev. Their participation in the program is welcomed at any cost.

In the last year of the budget allocated to the fun militiamen 7 million rubles. It turns out that today even the police understatement. As the specification, the program of celebrations fell by the cancellation of many "small pleasures": fireworks, performances of special units with special equipment, mementos to the guests and the smoke generator.


September 15 deputies of the Communist Party faction in St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, sent a letter to Governor Valentina Matvienko, the results of the competition for the supply of furniture for Hotel Mercure for the public use of St. Petersburg. To equip the hotel required:

- TV stand initial cost 152 580 rubles;

- Bed of beech, American walnut, orange tree, decorated with gold and inlaid precious woods - 218 638 rubles;

- Dressing table made of beech, American walnut, orange tree, decorated with gold and inlaid with precious woods - 285 306 rubles;

- Desktop maple, ash veneers root of the olive color and decorated with gold foil cost 356 210 rubles.

Also, the administration of St. Petersburg governor announces a competition for the purchase of 8 sets of skewers customized to 461 thousand rubles, or approximately 8 thousand 700 rubles for one skewer. At one of the auctions that the administration is going to buy bread crumbs to 2 thousand rubles per kilogram.

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