Paintball - a team game in voynushki “

Paintball - a team sport and technology play in a limited space. It uses the so-called markers - pneumatic devices, similar to the weapons that shoot balls of gelatin with water-soluble non-toxic paint.

The aim of this game is to defeat the enemy or perform a predetermined task, defined scenario games.

Paul for the game usually becomes forest or open area with natural or artificial shelters for the players. Starting and flag bases are marked with a bright ribbon.

Some history

New balls for paintball games were invented by a man with a sonorous name of Paint. The company, which was created by Nelson Paint, organized the mass production of dye pellets. Coloring balls have been used in agriculture and forestry. Coloring balls used lazy foresters, who ticked the trees from a distance, and in agriculture by using dye balls ticked their cows.

In 1976, old friends, Joseph and Charles Vineybl Gein, walking home, discussing the striking African safari, where they recently returned and were surprised by all the grandeur of the event. Two friends have experienced the incredible pleasure of the safari, they had a keen sense of the heart that occurs during the elaboration of adrenaline, and two friends decided to create a similar game in which they could hunt each other.

Long time friends argue about the game and could not conclude what sort of qualities should have the game to trigger a feeling that would be a good tickling, nerves and caused the production of adrenaline. In the end, they still come to a consensus, but there was another problem - Tech. And now more than ever, they came to the aid of another friend, whose name is George Butler, he brought with him a directory of agricultural products and showed them the design firm of Nelson Paint - it was a paintball gun.

Of course, as always happens, the game was originally just a hobby for friends. But the last 5 years and friends decided to collect the first paintball team. The composition of the first paintball team was very striking: a journalist, producer, farmer, forester, a broker and a former boxer. All these people gathered to play paintball, were avid hunters. The players chased each other in the area of land measuring 80 acres, which was completely covered with forest. The purpose of the very first game was capture the flag, which was located on a hill.

A little later the company was founded, which managed the “Game of Survival”, and she signed a contract with Nelson Paint. This was the starting point of paintball. Rules of the game were fairly primitive. Conditions and requirements of those games were very different from today. Mounts markers Nelspot enough for 10 rounds, but when the player decides to reload your marker, then there began this fooling.

At that time there was no such equipment, the players during the game were equipped conventional spectacles. Balls of fire in paintball were formed from an ordinary paint, and after the game parties staged so-called “turpentine parties” in which players were washed traces of wounds. During the game participant to shoot a certain number of times since number of rounds for one player was severely restricted.

In 1980, the game sat down to develop very rapidly and at the inventor of paintball markers began to appear competitors who took care of modifying paintball equipment, and the game became more and more dynamic.

Rules of the Game

With regard to the rules of the game - they are very simple. Two teams, launched from bases at opposite ends of the field, trying to hit as many enemy players. Others depend on the nuances of a specific game scenario.

Any team before each game is developing a game plan. Such a plan may be universal, ie always used the same playbook, or a team can have a home-made, which are then applied to the individual field, as well as under the specific situation on the field. Practice shows that it is not always a game plan is executed. Nevertheless, “better to have a gun and not need it than not have and need”, ie in not depending on will be completely or partially implement the plan during the game or not, it should be. The more detailed it is developed, the greater the chance that the game will take place smoothly and without surprises.

Defeat considered presence on the player or his equipment spot colors that are larger than five-ruble coins, going beyond the boundary of the field or remove a judge for violating the rules. Struck ( “dead”) a participant must leave the playground. In this regard, the game of paintball is very dynamic: one “battle” lasted an average of 10-15 minutes, although its duration depends on the chosen scenario games, and on the ground, and the number of players, and their experience. Usually happens in teams of 10 people, but in principle they can be from two to two dozen.

On the field during the game before a judge (or instructors), monitor compliance with the rules. Usually in this role serve several members of the club. They observe that knocked or “dead” players left the ground on time to not shoot at close range, did not leave the limits of the field during the “fight” - and finally declared the winner.

These sensations will provide plenty of paintball - a simple game, with the available rules, truly extreme and reckless, which allows participants to really measure up to them, agility and speed of reaction. It played on weekends, to get emotional relaxation and rest from work, people. In paintball clubs, many actively celebrate birthdays, spend the holidays. They came to play their families, with wives and children, and even with dogs.


The most important rule: do not remove the mask on the field, under any circumstances, even if the game is over. After the game, insert the barrel plug or ramrod. Do not shoot at the enemy at close range, better than a loud shout to him “Out!”. If you see that they were in the player, but he did not notice, do not shoot him again, better tell the judge, stating clearly the player and place injury.

Also, the mask does not remove the “loss” of the player, moving with a raised marker in a safe zone. Only there you can remove the mask! Also forbidden: the shooting in the player closer than 3 meters, shooting in the affected players and referees.

Remember, you must control the situation.

Paintball - is not only men’s game, a pleasure to play with her and girls. There is a purely women’s teams, and teams in which one or two girls. They wear special protection - in the common people “body armor” (despite the name, they are not heavy), which protects the chest and back.

Remember that everything in this game, as in life, everything depends on you. Do not worry if something does not get and do not think that a newcomer to be hard.


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