Military Reconstruction in Kiev 10 May 2008

The site contains photos of the German-Latvian-Estonian military camp on the reconstruction on the victory in the Great Patriotic War.
The event was held May 10, 2008 in s.Pirogovo near Kiev.
Participated military-historical clubs from Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and other countries.
Photos of military Reconstruction, “The Battle of Dresden” held May 7, 2006 can be viewed by clicking on the link

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• In Russia, May 9, 2010 will be the first all-Russia Victory Parade »»»
In honor of 65 anniversary of the Great Victory Day May 9, 2010 in Russia will be the first all-Russia Victory Day parade, said business manager of President Vladimir Kozhin.
• Battle of Orsha - the greatest military victory over Russia Lithuania »»»
Since 1992 in Belarus are trying to understand another important for Lithuania to date - took place on September 8, 1514 Battle of Orsha.
• Latvia has accused Russia and Belarus in rehearsal attacks on Baltic countries »»»
Minister of Defense of Latvia Imants Liegis said that the
• December 13 will take place on military-historical festival "counter-offensive" »»»
December 13, 2015 in the village of Lyzlov Ruza district host III military-historical festival "counter-offensive", the sacred events of the defense of Moscow in 1941.
• Heads of CIS countries made a joint statement and called on the world cherish the memory of the victory »»»
Heads of State? CIS is to educate the younger generation a sense of pride in a common heroic history and a great feat in the fight against fascism.