Why do before going to the casino can not be flipping PlayBoy? The scientific explanation.

Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, Bill Knudsen knew how casinos can increase your income.

Just get naked girls walking around the hall.

A scientist from California, suggested the subject to gamble, where the probability of winning and losing was the same - 50 to 50. The only choice that had to do the people whether they want to put 10 cents or a dollar (only available gave 10 dollars).

17 May 2008 | casino, explanation, facilities, girl, income, professor, university

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After the Las Vegas casinos have published data on income for the year 2006, the world capital of gambling officially became Macao, Hong Kong media reported.
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Do not let anyone convince yourself that you can not affect the profit from their games in online casinos.
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Government supported the bill MK Ronit Tirosh (Kadima) on the prohibition of payment of games in online casinos.
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Experiments conducted at the University of Miami, showed why people are often unable to differentiate between people belonging to other races.