“Dream House” opened at Disneyland

“Dream House” - one of the most futuristic attractions Disneyland - opened on Monday in Anaheim, Florida, USA. Most of the area of the house occupied by a very real kitchen utensils and other useful household appliances, such as a virtual bulletin board, child table and an outdoor flat panel monitor, which gives advice on cooking a barbecue.

Another more futuristic household appliances, for example, just with one press of a button you can change the appearance of the house, and the virtual mirror will show you what accessories to choose for an evening dress and what hairstyle suits you best.

The idea of establishing such a home came in 60 years of 20 century, when the territory “Tumorroulenda” in the Disney park was built “House of the Future Monsanto.

Most of the technologies used in the new project Disneyland, were borrowed from the prototype of this “dream house” - Microsoft Home.

16 June 2008 | attraction, city, dream, house, monitor, part, schedule, square, united states

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