19-year-old Ivan, who moved into the MPs, wants to build socialism in Russia

This summer, the presidential amendments were adopted that reduce the age of "passive suffrage" in the municipal elections - that is to become a candidate - from 21 to 18 years. The result was quick: how to calculate the CEC before the scheduled for October 11 by a series of local elections, now the number of candidates up to 30 years, beating all records. In some regions such - about a third. In the municipal authorities, as a rule, poor, angry and unpopular, suddenly went to the students and "fresh" graduates - from 19 to 25. Why would they want it?

8 October 2009 | age, amendment, candidate, choice, mp, opportunity, russia

Rosaviatsiya purchased for Kamchatka at prices above market "beushnye" aircraft and helicopter, which were not wanted
Society of Friends spider web spider is announcing the opening of private corporate site setipayka. Com.

• Black Russians lost the municipal elections »»»
Black Russians Joaquim Krim and Philip Kondratiev lost presidential elections Sredneahtubinskogo region Volgograd region.
• In the municipal elections in the Leningrad region called party of power "United Russia" will be spelled out in the ballot in a special way - in large letters and bold »»»
The United Russia Party has decided to declare itself for the upcoming municipal elections in the Leningrad region in the literal sense on a grand scale.
• At the president of Ukraine claimed the citizen with the name Protivvseh »»»
He has already filed to the CEC documents for registration.
• Harry Potter breaks records online pre-order now »»»
Release seventh and final book series about the adventures of a young magician, scheduled for July 21, there is still more than two weeks, and the online sales giant Amazon.
• Newborns in families affected by smoking »»»
Think about that for studying the issue of passive smoking.