Rotating Tower - a new project in Dubai

“Living Tower” or the “Rotating Tower” - a new project of mega-towers, which planned to be built in Dubai, was presented in New York by Italian architect David Fisher.

This new building height of 420 meters will consist of 80 floors, each of which will be a separate section, rotating through 360 ° with 79 turbines placed between floors.

According to David Fisher, this structure can take any pleasing shape.

Since Each floor will be able to rotate independently of the others, the Tower will constantly change its appearance.

Podobnayu plan to install a tower in Moscow, it will have about 70 floors.

David Fisher said that the third tower, built in this way, plan to build in New York.

Full rotation of each unit will take about three hours, and the cost of apartments in this tower will range from $ 3.7 million to $ 36 million

According to Fischer, manufacture of prefabricated sections - a very quick process, which enables to build a tower in the shortest time. He also said that the tower itself will produce the energy necessary for all systems.

The tower is planned to be built by 2010.

25 June 2008 | david fisher, dubai, floor, ny, project, section, structure, tower, word

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