The best places for observing the stars

Night sky disappears before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands of stars, which could previously be seen with the naked eye, now almost invisible because of the bright city lights. Conducted throughout Europe and the U.S. studies have shown that children who are born in our time, have a chance of 10 to see this night sky.

And although many people insist that they have an idea of the stars and even see them at night, you are heaven to us by nature - a rarity today.

Urban residents, for example, every night can see about 500 stars, out of town can be seen about 15 000 stars, including the Milky Way.

Worldwide, there are only a few places where you can see a full picture of the starry sky, here are a few:

First place, which has been recognized as “international park with the darkest night sky” was Utah’s Natural Bridges National Monument. This park, located in southeast Utah on a scale that determines the darkness of the sky, got two points. This means that fans of stars can clearly observe the Milky Way, bright stars and constellations. During the summer, visitors here are conducted training programs on astronomy.

Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania and it was one of those places where you can watch the clear starry sky.

Mont-M? Gantic National Park in Quebec, Canada also offers excellent conditions for observing the stars. This place is famous not only clean the stars, but also the astronomical center ASTROLab, which is open to the public.

Among the eucalyptus forests of Australia is an area of 100 acres, which attracts the attention of all lovers of stars. The owner of this territory is the local astronomical community. Here is all the necessary equipment to monitor the stars, as well as small houses to live, although many prefer to come here with their tents.

Each year the astronomical community is here “star parties” at which there are 200 to 400 people, fascinated watching the mysterious starry sky.

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