Society of Friends spider web spider is announcing the opening of private corporate site setipayka. Com.

Society of Friends spider web spider announces the opening of personal information Web site On the website you can find interesting material relating to spiders, the contents of their homes, unsafe types, etc.
Society of Friends spider web spider is considered to be sufficiently distinguished in the narrow circle of Arachnology. Members of the public foraged in the collection and transfer of information on how to behave in spiders in nature and home, the better to feed them, how they mate, how great is the danger with spider bites, etc. If desired, you can subscribe to news website, koie will regularly come to your mail. The website also has advice on the type of how to be a member of society - it is sufficient to send the request to the email address of the society, posted on the website.
Arahnologicheskoe society "spider web" promotes the study and dissemination among the general public on the arachnids, especially spiders, psevdoskorpionah etc. It also maintains a tight cooperation Arachnology enthusiasts and professionals through print publications, and more recently, the website The society operates the scheme of collecting information on spiders, and anyone who is interested in this, from amateurs to experts, will be able to send their materials and to thereby contribute to the development of Arachnology in Russia.
Society "spider web" implies a major association of people, the soul is not in the light-emitting unpleasant for many octopus multocular beings. Here both beginners and skilled researchers, and simply those who keep spiders at home. Arachnology - is the science of animals that fill the world around us, and members of society are hoping that the website and the organization itself will allow you to learn more about how badly the family spiders, some of them have a good chance to feed the birds, what conditions are best suited for their maintenance, etc.
Society planned a release of several publications for the participants - it will be newspapers and magazines devoted to the spiders, with the types of reviews, photos, fun facts, etc. All this information will in addition be on site.
Each year will be accompanied by an exhibition of spiders - dried and live specimens, all are invited to participate though. The exhibition will be available family's new pet, accessories for its content, books, and much more arahnologicheskoe equipment.

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