In Russia completely banned the use of pyrotechnics in public places, including at meetings and balconies

The government of Russia banned the use of pyrotechnics at public rallies, scenic and sports grounds, balconies and roofs of buildings, ITAR-TASS.

The head of Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu, the corresponding decree signed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In addition, Prime Minister urged “to be very accurate” when using pyrotechnics, as well as take care of yourself and loved ones

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In Canada, appeared a gigantic head of Lenin
In Russia, May 9, 2010 will be the first all-Russia Victory Parade

• New advice from Shoigu - drink after a bath, do not let firecrackers from the balcony, carefully open the champagne bottles »»»
The head of Russia Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu calls on Russians in the New Year and Christmas holidays to observe basic rules of fire safety.
• Fradkov's youngest son became deputy head of the manager of the president »»»
Pavel Fradkov, the son of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov.
• Long live the Emperor of All Russia! »»»
In the Belarusian city of Gomel turned up a man who calls himself the legitimate heir to the throne of Russia.
• In Putin's birthday his entourage gave each other cufflinks depicting Prime Minister »»»
Next, the 57th birthday of leader of the nation, as adopted, was held in a quiet, modest, friendly atmosphere.
• Foreign tourists may be able to enter Russia for three days without a visa »»»
Foreign tourists may be able to enter the territory of Russia for up to three days without a visa.