In Moscow, the robber escaped from custody while the police were buying

Capital policemen embarrassment and now searching for a man suspected of robbery. Citizen of Uzbekistan has escaped from custody while the order of the guards went to the store for smokes.

In the center of Moscow escaped arrested for robbery citizen of Uzbekistan, Interfax reports citing a source in law enforcement. Escape occurred about 17:30 during the transport of a suspect in a service car.

The source said that detective guarding the detainee was released along with the driver, to buy cigarettes. At this point, the suspect took to their heels and disappeared into the yards. Hold him in hot pursuit scattered police could not.

In the center of Moscow announced a special plan for finding the perpetrator of signs: a man wanted by the Asian appearance, growth of about 170 centimeters, dressed in a black jacket and black pants, wearing a black stocking cap.

The fact incur a punishment of the policemen for their negligence, have not been announced.

8 October 2009 | citizen, guardian, male, moscow, order, policeman, purchase, shop

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