The new novel about Fandorin became a bestseller in the first day of sales

Sales of the new novel by Boris Akunin “The Whole World Theater, released Tuesday, the expectations of the capital’s bookstores and amounted to 300-500 copies of the first day, told RIA Novosti in Moscow shops.

Continuation of the adventures of detective Erast Fandorin in the new novel Akunin was among the most anticipated of books, among which were the novel by Dan Brown’s “Lost character”, “t” Victor Pelevin, “Laura and her original” by Vladimir Nabokov. Prior to the sale of the novel Akunin the number of purchased copies of The Leader Pelevin, then walked Dan Brown, and Vladimir Nabokov.

“The” Biblio-Globus “on Tuesday sold 333 copies of the new akuninskogo novel, is a lucky number. This figure is approximately twice the number sold in the first day of Brown’s book,” - RIA Novosti said the store manager.

In her view, such a success of the thirteenth novel Fandorin series connected with the charm of the protagonist and the successful adaptations of previous books Akunin.

The store “Moscow” on Tuesday had sold over 500 copies.

“We expected that there would be such a good sale, because Fandorin series of novels are always so unexpected and exciting,” - said the store manager, explaining that this time Akunin, certainly not disappoint his readers as the hero of his books appear in completely unexpected roles.

“55-year-old Fandorin, always so thoughtful and sensible, madly falls in love with an actress, and these feelings strongly prevented him from investigating the crime. To win the heart of his beloved Erast Petrovich even wrote a play on Japanese exotic theme,” - shared her companion agency.

Play Fandorin also printed in the book as a supplement to the novel.

As previously said in an interview with RIA Novosti Akunin, the action of the book takes place in the autumn of 1911, in a Moscow theater. The share of 55-year-old falls Fandorin test, to which he is not ready. Detective investigates serious crime, and not one.

The author also noted that in the novel there are characters from previous books in the series and there is “sort of theme from the past.”

The cycle of novels about a detective Fandorin began in 1998 with the book “Azazel”. In her adaptation of the role played Fandorin young actor Ilya Noskov.

Works of the series have become very popular in Russia and abroad - they have been translated into over 30 languages. The last to date book of fandoriany “jade beads” was published in 2007. It was a collection of short stories and novels.

By Akunin’s idea, in Fandorin series should be two more books: a novel and a collection of short stories.

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