The interpretation of dreams … To see the sunrise in the dream - fortunately

In order to be happy to see the sunrise in the dream (especially well - in the New Year’s Eve) or the lights of Saint Elmo - awake. Lights Saint Elmo sailors call a bright electrical phenomena, which can be observed during a thunderstorm and aloft on the masts of ships.
This phenomenon is also noticeable around the filtering through the cloud of an aircraft or high in the mountains when the storm cloud passes over the mountain peak. This mystical spectacle is accompanied by an electric crackle.
Legend attributes this phenomenon with Saint Elmo (or Erasmus), the patron saint of seafarers in the Mediterranean. Saint died on the ship during a storm, but before he died promised the sailors every time and be warned of the danger.
As the lights appear when the peak of the storm behind us, the sailors perceive them as a happy sign. According to legend, Christopher Columbus was able to cheer their team spirit had fallen, turning her attention to the sacred fires on the top of the mast, as a prediction of imminent end of their exhausting journey.

Sleep deprivation is dangerous

Research scientists suggest that the lack of full sleep leads to a complete change of the brain. People suffering from insomnia, to a lesser extent, activated the prefrontal cortex of the left middle frontal gyrus and left. However, despite the reduced brain activation, such patients faster read and write. Tests conducted at the Institute of Neurology in Amsterdam (Netherlands), showed the best performance of language tasks in those who had a chronic disorder sleep for 2,5 years. No deviations in cognitive capacity were found. Scientists think that the lack of sleep the brain is reconfigured and activated by mistake those areas which are at a healthy sleep mode must be active and responsible for the processing of language information.

26 December 2009 | fire, night, phenomenon, sailor, ship, sonam, sun

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