Russians on New Year’s drink more than 1 billion (!) Bottles of alcohol

Over the coming New Year holidays Russians drink more than a billion bottles of alcohol - this is the forecast of the Center research on federal and regional markets for alcohol. At the same time on most New Year from alcoholic beverages - champagne - will have about 100 million bottles, said Life News.

“Most of the New Year’s holidays will be drunk beer - about 800 million bottles - told the publication director of the Center Vadim Drobiz. - But the celebratory champagne on the tables will be about 100 million bottles. A little less - 80 million - will have been drunk during the holidays wine.”

28 December 2009 | alcohol, billion, bottle, center, holiday, market, order, research, rossiyanin

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• Russians did not actually consume beer, a "ruff", they want to or not. Practically everywhere alcohol is added. »»»
The vast majority of beer sold in Russia is actually a “bottle brush”, said in an interview with Interfax main narcologist MHSD RF Eugene Brune.
• One-third of Russian citizens daily drink alcohol at work »»»
47% of respondents admitted that their companies have people who drink alcohol before coming to work, show the results of last poll portal Joblist.
• The Russians got tired of New Year holiday. About half of citizens in favor of reducing the New Year holidays due to the extension of the May. »»»
Nearly half of Russians favored the reduction in the New Year holidays due to the extension of the May.
• Federal Labor: Russians will rest on New Year's 10 consecutive days »»»
A ten New Year holidays expect the Russians in early 2010, the deputy head of the Federal Labor Ivan Shklovets.
• Hymn beer »»»
In your hand - cold, sweating bottle. Nice weight. On the street - plus 29, as can be, plus 32.