New advice from Shoigu - drink after a bath, do not let firecrackers from the balcony, carefully open the champagne bottles

The head of Russia Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu calls on Russians in the New Year and Christmas holidays to observe basic rules of fire safety.

“I would recommend: drink after a bath, but not at the time, do not smoke under the blanket, not lobbing rockets (fireworks) from balcony - most often they fly to the balcony of the neighboring building,” - said Shoigu earlier at a press conference.

He said while that “may be spoken sounds funny.” “But we have a lot of people are killed in baths, ugoraet”, - stressed the Minister. In general, according to his data, 80% of deaths during the Christmas holidays, usually occur in residential buildings, Interfax reported.

31 December 2009 | advice, bottle, building, head, holiday, press conference, product, russia, safety

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