Hats, Winter 2009 - 2010: fashionable hat sentence

I will never forget how excited a child I was brought luxurious hats main characters of the famous movie dog in the manger. A sort of baroque broad-brimmed hat of Milan straw with ostrich feathers. It seemed beautiful and nothing can be invented. As time passed, changed history and fashion. For centuries, hats underwent diversity of forms and imaginations of their creators. Their contemporaries are no longer so amazing imagination, but carried through the time the title of the main accessory. Women’s Magazine JustLady invites all its readers for sentencing on the hat business - Hats Winter 2010. Warning once that defense witnesses are very strong, ranging from hats and ending beret!

5 January 2010 | childhood, dog, dress, film, hat, hero, sentence, time, winter

Prey in the snows turned into riots with fire, broken windows and wounded by police
The Russians got tired of New Year holiday. About half of citizens in favor of reducing the New Year holidays due to the extension of the May.

• The world-famous film star Brigitte Bardot marks 75 anniversary »»»
Known at the time the world film star Brigitte Bardot is celebrating its 75 anniversary.
• First beauty of the world has become China's secretary »»»
Girls from 106 countries gathered on Saturday in the resort city of Sanya South China island province of Hainan in the finale of the beauty contest “Miss World-2007″.
• Afghani will take to the streets of cities this summer »»»
Pants with low armhole, the people “with a bunt in the world street fashion appeared recently, but already acquired many different variations on the theme: from glamorous from the lungs to the tissues of denim and cotton.
• Raffle tickets at Freemotion Street Fest May 26, 2007 »»»
FREEMOTION Festival 2007 - an event for dynamic, creative and svobodnomyslyaschih urban dwellers, people who have already introduced or are about to bring into our world something unusual, then, what is living the true spirit of creativity and freedom.
• German women do not go to Moscow! »»»
Moskvichki not just beautiful. They are very beautiful. They have a taste.