In Omsk, the day of arrival of Dmitry Medvedev have removed a poster of the play “We are waiting for you, gay dwarf. Perhaps due to the fact that Dmitry Medvedev, a man of small stature, he could take it personally

Omsk bloggers and journalists reported on the oddity that occurred on February 12 - the day of the visit of President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Along the route the convoy heads of state in the direction of the Omsk oil refinery in a matter of urgency was dismantled poster of the play “We are waiting for you, gay dwarf” in the theater-studio Lyubov Ermolayeva. According to eyewitnesses, a poster child fairy removed almost axes with lightning speed. Perhaps because of chtoDmitry Medvedev, a man of small stature, he could take it personally, wrote in a blog radio station Ekho Moskvy Omsk journalist Andrew Zakhar’in.

Sam I live in two steps from this theater, information on the poster to confirm - was this “, - noted blogger denbrough.

“Even if the withdrawal of advertising - just by chance coincided with a visit to the diligence and reinsurance officials believe it is very easy. The times are,” - wrote in his blog, program director of the Echo of Moscow Vladimir Varfolomeev.

18 February 2010

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