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20 February 2010

In Omsk, the day of arrival of Dmitry Medvedev have removed a poster of the play “We are waiting for you, gay dwarf. Perhaps due to the fact that Dmitry Medvedev, a man of small stature, he could take it personally
Eternal flame returned to its historic place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin wall. Medvedev ceremoniously lit the eternal flame

• Odnotsentovuyu coin sold for 1.7 million dollars »»»
Coin one cent was sold at auction in New Jersey for 1.
• Unique kopek at the exhibition in Moscow »»»
The most expensive copper kopek will be presented at the opening on Oct.
• Antimony trioxide »»»
Dzerzhinsk, antimony trioxide used as flame retardant for PVC, PP.
• Flowers and bouquets »»»
Since ancient times, flowers are the companion of man. Even in ancient times they have mentioned all the important events of life.
• Design the sofa - the nuances of selection »»»
Upholstered furniture made to order, cues sofas, furniture corner sofas.