In Moscow on March 13 starting Russian “Disneyland”

In Moscow on March 13 will be the opening of one of Russia’s largest indoor amusement parks Happylon. Park offers its visitors fly to the “plate” and “back of a dragon.”

The new center of attraction, an area of 6,5 thousand square meters, are numerous amusement and gaming machines, as well as 5D-theater and roller rink.

The main advantage of the Russian “Disneyland” is the attraction “Flying Dragon”. The path of the roller coaster goes through the whole territory of the park. The rate of extreme attraction to 48 kilometers per hour.

In addition, visitors to the park waiting for “flying saucer”, which makes 15 rotations per minute. But 5D-theater will allow visitors to the new park for 15 minutes a deep dive into the world of cinema, where you can not only see a stereoscopic image, but also to smell, feel the breath of wind.

12 March 2010

Now and in Voronezh has a search engine for clothes GUARDAROBA.RU– search for clothes shopping Voronezh.
In Ulyanovsk, a former electrician propyl 20 lift engines out of homes, including own

• In Gorky Park removed the 60 illegally constructed objects and abolished the entry fee »»»
In the Moscow Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky on Saturday completed a major improvement works.
• In Austria, opened the most exciting waterslide in the world »»»
In Tyrol, opened one of the most thrilling water slides in a world where man running speed reaches 65 km per hour.
• Russia's scientists have completed a record dive in the Arctic »»»
Bathyscaphes Russia’s Mir-1 and Mir-2 “have surfaced from the depths of the Arctic Ocean, Interfax reported.
• Airship over Petersburg: attraction is not for the poor »»»
In a short time at St. Petersburg will be a new kind of entertainment - fly on the airship.
• Moscow is not suitable for Disneyland »»»
Moscow is not suitable for the construction of the classic children’s amusement park “Disneyland” on climatic conditions.