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Korea’s national dish - a kimchi, and you’re right if you think that the majority of Koreans eat kimchi in one form or another every day. Kimchi - the generic name for salted or pickled vegetables from the cabbage, radish, cucumber and seafood, garlic and red pepper. Cooks with more than 170 varieties.

3 April 2010

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• Koreans spend hours watching how their compatriots dine live »»»
In South Korea, is rapidly gaining popularity new nationwide craze.
• At the World Championships eating fries set a record: almost 6 kg in 10 minutes »»»
Glorious victory gained on held in Toronto World Championship eating fried potatoes with cheese and gravy American Pat Bertoletti, nicknamed “deep bowl.
• How to grow brussels sprouts »»»
A wonderful variety of cabbage - brussel. It is a valuable nutritious product, which contains large amounts of vitamins.
• Summer Holiday - Day of cucumber »»»
Day cucumber became an annual tradition in Suzdal. This year the holiday “Day of cucumber in Suzdal will mark exactly three days, from July 23 to 25.
• Salmon baked in honey-mustard sauce Recipes ♥ loving wife »»»
. As a rule, in a festive menu contains dishes of fish, one or more.