Losey prevented the restoration of pine forest in the Altai Ob

As the press-service of forests of the Altai Territory, the pine seedlings in these areas are at high risk from wild animals, particularly moose, for which the tender shoots of pine trees are a delicacy. One elk for the “dinner” can destroy several acres of crops, overnight reversing invested in the process of reforestation considerable effort and resources.

9 April 2010

American prisoners pedal in exchange for watching TV
In Saratov soon start “Runaway Bride”

• Drunken elk shot with apple »»»
Returning home on Tuesday, a resident of Saro in the vicinity of Gothenburg found in neighbor’s garden elk, which was stuck between the branches of the tree.
• Chinese Air Force took to the service of the Apes »»»
Air Force China have adopted the monkeys. It is reported by China Central Television.
• In Makhachkala at Animal Control caught eight cows »»»
Eight cows were caught in a raid by animal control in Makhachkala.
• Drunken moose hide in the woods teeter »»»
Returning on Wednesday evening, home from work, a resident of Storebro in southern Sweden found in his garden traces of drunken moose fights.
• Lake Kschara: entry for spravochkam »»»
To get here can not everyone and not always: in the period of the spill Klyazma pontoon bridge dismantled, and the village of Burin Kozlov and being cut off from civilization, food are imported by boat.