Travel agencies and operators in the market providing services to recreation for a long time and every year the number of such firms is growing. To understand in a variety of companies and offers them the most difficult, especially when the person who wants to go with a tourist who is not yet clear is where and how he wants to rest. How such a huge stream of proposals to select a company that does not close at the end of the season and really help to relax and not get a busman’s holiday and a lot of problems? The views of independent experts will help to understand the abundance of offers travel agents and travel agencies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, offering tours of the most popular to the exotic. The most popular tours in recent years have been trips to Turkey, Thailand, Bali, Egypt. Large influx of tourists to these countries from Russia formed a tradition of recreation by local people for the Russians. Many travel companies face stiff competition for customers will increase the level of service, organize various actions on a super super price, many of which attract customers and help them relax. But that did not get to the fraudsters, must be well thought of everything. To help in this bulletin can travel where everyone will find many interesting and useful information about tourism.

26 April 2010

White American, robbed banks in the black mask
Yanukovych, Lukashenko, Obama and Brown is not expected to arrive in Moscow on May 9

• Rest on a tour of Peter »»»
Tourist Company “SLK-round” invites you to come to St. Petersburg and offers travel services of the highest quality.
• In Cyprus, develop a new type of tourism for the "UFO Hunters" »»»
Tour operators working in the Cyprus area, decided to go to a new level of leisure activities for their clients.
• Foreign tours in 2016 will cost twice as expensive than a vacation in Russia because of the increase in the dollar and the euro. "Bricked demons ..." »»»
Including this reason, many choose holidays in the Russian direction.
• 1.5 million Russians had settled on foreign beaches. Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, suppressed the activity of crazed tour operators. »»»
Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, literally crushed its activity crazed tour operators.
• Transfer. »»»
Help: Transfer - an organization by the tour operator client meetings at entry and shipping it by car or by other means to the airport, hotel or other destination.