Parliament of Latvia has refused to do on May 9 an official holiday. Victory Day at the monument to gather tens of thousands of people.

Parliament of Latvia on Thursday rejected an amendment of the faction of the opposition party “For Human Rights in United Latvia” (PCTVL) to the law on public holidays and commemorative days, where it was proposed to celebrate May 9 as V-Day anti-Hitler coalition troops, the press service of the party.

The bill supported PCTVL 23 MP, 65 deputies were against. In total 100 deputies in the Sejm, RIA Novosti.

Victory Day on May 9 in the square by the Bronze Soldier Monument in Riga, collected tens of thousands of people. This event led to frustration Latvian radical organizations, who believe not on May 9 Victory Day and the beginning of the so-called “Soviet occupation.” In Latvia, on May 9 is not officially celebrated the day.

29 April 2010

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