Heads of CIS countries made a joint statement and called on the world cherish the memory of the victory

Heads of State? CIS is to educate the younger generation a sense of pride in a common heroic history and a great feat in the fight against fascism.

“Over the years, did not dim the greatness of deeds committed by our people. The more time that separates us from that event, the more perceived value of the historical mission of the Victory of soldiers who had defended the right for the future. Therefore, referring to the peoples of” the Commonwealth and the world community, we’re talking today “thanks” veterans still alive in our countries. We urge not only words but also a matter of paying homage to the heroes and victors, exercise daily care of war veterans and home front workers, give them the attention and create decent living conditions “? reads the address of Heads of CIS countries in connection with the 65 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941? 1945. The text circulated the presidential press service of Russia on Wednesday.

5 May 2010

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