72-year-old woman was arrested for driving at a speed of 164 km / h - it exceeded the allowable limit of 92 km / h, being late to the hairdresser

72-year-old resident of the United States was arrested for something that was traveling at a speed of 164 km / h at the permissible for highway 72 km / h. Arrest of Sandra Powell did not embarrass him, most of all she is upset so that “late to the hairdresser,” wrote WYFF4.

The incident occurred the previous morning at a highway in South Carolina. The patrol car noticed a speeding along the road at high speed a gray Buick, which was barely prevented a collision with another car. Sergeant Kevin Powers began the pursuit. After a brief chase the officer caught the offender and the car pulled to the curb.

The policeman was very surprised when I saw behind the wheel of an elderly woman, inquired why, if all it is in order. The driver replied: “Yes. But I’m very upset, because late to the hairdresser.” Mrs. Powell also said that he knew of an offense, adding that he was traveling at a speed exceeding 100 miles per hour.

Inspector accused of reckless driving complying, put on her handcuffs and drove to the police station. 12 hours later Sandra Powell released, but was given a summons to court on June 26.

20 May 2010

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