Operators will be warned about the real price of SMS to short numbers

Head Roskomnadzora Alexander Katulevsky reported that over the past four months in his office came in three times as many complaints from disappointed customers, than for the whole year of 2009. And it is connected above all with different jokes and quizzes that offer to send an SMS. Only instead of winning a man shoot 300 rubles from the account.

The regulator proposed operators to specify in contracts with subscribers of the real cost of communications on short rates before SMS will be sent. That is, if you decide to send an SMS to short number, it will not go away immediately. First comes an alert about the cost of services, and you must confirm shipment. Money will write off the account when the shipment will be confirmed.

21 May 2010

The English wanted to impose a penalty on 50 pounds for the fact that she took her dog excrement stranger
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