2012 in Mayan calendar

2012 - year of disasters and the end of the world or your life will go on? Mayan prophecies about 2012 Kaledat Maya is wrong? What’s unusual in the parade of planets in 2012? The predictions of Edgar Cayce.

7 June 2010

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A story about friendship of children and monkeys

• Maya building shelters before the end of the world »»»
In Mexico, at the site of ancient Mayan Kiuika appeared unusual settlement.
• The German dropped a magical Mayan skull - perhaps the end of the world still come »»»
“If the world would cease to exist on December 21.
• Australian site was Calendar Top News in 2011 godv »»»
Australian site News.com.ua compiled a list of news, which, according to the editor, will occupy the first lines of the world media.
• Java Game Art Of War 2 »»»
2038. Twenty years of the Earth managed by the World Confederation, uniting and subjugate all countries and continents.
• All about the accident at Fukushima (shocking facts) »»»
According to him, in the next few hours in Japan are able to occur catastrophic events that threaten the lives of people on the island.