Men’s fashion some “grown up”. The image or the intellectual botany is no longer relevant

Stylish man now looks rather like the hero of the novel before last century, or lover of silent movies. Finally, male sex again attracted the attention of courage and chivalrous, intelligent manner. Behind the wheel of the fashion world in the end turned out to be fashionable, but the courageous men. There is a tendency to naturalise masculine image, so there is hope to see on the streets groomed, but not denatured, smart, but not weary, the brave, but not wildly, gallant, but self-confident men.

15 June 2010

How come a fashionable night club
In southern Thailand at the checkpoints manned dressed in police uniforms monkey. To give humanity posts

• Charity event "World Without Tears" held in Moscow »»»
December 11 Tooshino City Children's Hospital will be another event of the charitable program "World Without Tears.
• In Russia, the fashion house-shifters »»»
Who built the first house upside down, is not known.
• In Moscow on March 13 starting Russian "Disneyland" »»»
In Moscow on March 13 will be the opening of one of Russia’s largest indoor amusement parks Happylon.
• Absolute Rally Challenge 3D »»»
Adrenaline overwhelm you with his head from the first seconds of rally competitions!
• Sportswear: fashion trends »»»
Sport style is very convenient and comfortable, and therefore of the form for sports, it gradually turned into a routine.