The first champion of Russia on high-speed assembly puzzles became Dmitry Medvedev of Smolensk

Namesake of the Russian president in a pair with Elena Popova from Moscow won the first championship for high-speed assembly puzzles. Team inhabitants of Smolensk fastest - one hour and 14 minutes - now collected from 500 parts. As a prize, Medvedev and Popov got a puzzle to 20,000 parts.

Winners admitted that during the competition no special technique is not used. “Of course, speed was important, but most importantly - a puzzle to be collected with pleasure,” - said Medvedev.

The unusual competition was held in Taganrog. Socialize with peers in the Rostov region profit “pazlomany” from the most remote corners of Russia, as well as Ukraine and Belarus. Total in the competition involving 26 people from more than ten cities.

Under the terms of the championship teams at the speed of collecting the same puzzles. The picture, according to participants, proved to be quite complex - Spanish Town, drawn in comic style. Most participants came with their families, but there were single women, who themselves were broken into teams of two.

“Assembling the puzzle - a family, a very positive exercise. Therefore, in the championship so happened that six out of 13 teams - the family. It is a husband and wife or parents and children” - said the organizer of the event Sergei Suprunov from Taganrog.

Event organizers have promised next year to continue the competition and even offered to do an assembly puzzle Olympic sport. They told me that hobby has a long history. In the XVIII century, a geographer, has caused a map of England and Wales on a wooden plank, sawed it on the Limits of the county and began selling as a textbook for schoolchildren. He even received a patent for his invention.

In the usual form of puzzles have appeared only a century later and became very popular throughout the world

18 July 2010

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