The artist created a panel of 200 thousand dead ants

An artist from California, Chris Truman (Chris Trueman) created a panel of 200 thousand dead ants, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Truman had originally planned to catch a sufficient number of insects on their own, but quickly realized that this it will take years. Then he found out that ants can be purchased via the Internet - they are sold as animal feed.

Truman acquired insect batches of 40,000 pieces. Price of each party is $ 500, that is, the total cost of panels has reached 2500 dollars. Truman slew purchased ants and with tweezers laid out so that as a result had the image of the child - the author’s early childhood.

The author of the work notes that the establishment of a panel he took a few years. At one point he even felt the attack of pity for the insect and about a year interrupted his work. But then he realized that life is already dead ants did not return, and completed work.

According to Truman, the impetus for the creation of this unusual panel served as one of the childhood memories. Once upon a time five years, Chris and his brother destroyed the anthill and were bitten by insects.

Finished product, called “Self-Portrait with a gun, Truman was able to sell over 35 thousand dollars of the American organization Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Specializing in collecting unusual objects.

13 July 2010

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