Example of using a CHANGE DEFINITION

BYTE Change BYTE byAdapter, BYTE byTarget / / declare variables SRB ExecSCSICmd Exec; / / process the command structure of the ASPI HANDLE hEventASPI; / / event object DWORD dwStatus; / / clears the structure SRB_ExecSCSICmd memset SExec, 0, sizeof SRB_ExecSCSICmd / / fill the data structure Exec. SRB_Cmd = SC_EXEC_SCSI_CMD; Exec.SRB_HaId = byAdapter; / / how to get the value byAdapter and byTarget read more

10 August 2010

Methods of objects and their implementation
Healthy holiday in the best estates in Belarus

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Nowadays everyone knows that no product is complete without a bar code.
• Vladimir Churov: "I know how to strengthen the ruble - it should laminate" »»»
CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov spent New Year's Eve party for the heads of regional election commissions.
• Employees of the Moscow riot edited piece of German playwrights »»»
As the correspondent of “Fontanka” an unprecedented event occurred in Moscow.
• 24 to 27 June at Rybinke Corporate »»»
The name of the event from 24 to 27 June at Corporate Rybinke Event Description joint trip to the fishing on the Rybinsk vdhr.
• Glamor for enticing »»»
Steve Jobs once said that people just stopped reading. To return the love for books and the process of reading, Latvian designer Stanislav Katz (Stanislav Katz) has created an excellent bookshelf.