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This is the only principle that should comfort us in sorrow and to inspire a salutary humility, at a reasonable orderliness of blind fate, against which so often rebelling our stupid sense.

18 August 2010

Livejournal Kseniya Larina
Entertainment adolescent-2010: Games of prostitutes, homeless people and jumping on the roofs of electric trains

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• Sushi delivery in seppuku - the best in Novosibirsk »»»
Express delivery of land in hara-kiri, perhaps, the fastest in town and they are proud of!
• M. Weller "On Lies" »»»
Any system, biological or social, for their existence needs information from outside.
• Livejournal Kseniya Larina »»»
My feelings for my sister, who lived on the ability to deep and warm affection in the family, were so great that my head has never occurred to him to light the sacred flame of love before what?
• Russian Constitutional Court: Liability for exceeding the stated number of protesters is only possible if a real threat to order and security »»»
May 18, 2012 the Russian Constitutional Court ruled that the