Entertainment adolescent-2010: Games of prostitutes, homeless people and jumping on the roofs of electric trains


- We sat with friends at home, the songs we sing, - moaning into the phone a friend. - The son Ilya returned home and let the guitar to play along! Can you imagine?

- Also my problem!

- Yes I did it in the music school gave, hired teachers - not turned out he had with music. And there is, as the presence of some! It turns out that Ilya was playing in the transitions and trains. Here and learn!

My friend - the head of an advertising firm. Her husband is also quite wealthy. Problems with the money in a family there. Seventeen Ilya - an only child, the attention is not deprived. And suddenly the singer-beggar.

- Oh, nothing you do not understand! - Dismissed us with a friend Elijah. - It’s a hobby!

Protesting against the glamorous life, the boys from wealthy families, organized the project “Elektrichking. It consists of already thousands of students from different regions. Boys and girls have passed the slack guitar over his shoulder, put on old jeans and t-shirts, sit in a train. No items, no money and they are not taken.

There are more extreme fun. No open communities on the Internet will not find, sites, talk about this - too. In social networks, and LiveJournal have private forums, to read that can only registered users. Participants in these girls from 14 and older. The competition - who will bring more customers, pretending to be a prostitute. Typically, the winner will receive a diploma of “Miss Moscow at night” (or any other city).

18 August 2010

Livejournal Vladimir Solovyov
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