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SMS BOX - a unique collection of funny sms messages with the function of anonymous posting. Because it can be fun to play their friends and girlfriends, colleagues and superiors, suddenly sending them amazing smski incognito.

19 August 2010

In Cyprus, develop a new type of tourism for the “UFO Hunters”
Darkorbit pv stalker browser-spiel

• Gifts for the New Year 2014 »»»
On New Year's we all give gifts to their relatives and friends.
• In Saratov soon start "Runaway Bride" »»»
June 5, 2010 in Saratov - Action Cosmopolitan magazine format flashmob!
• Send MMS to Megafon Moscow can via the Internet »»»
A special web page MegaFon Moscow can make MMS-message up to 100 KB with the headline and text.
• American 2,5 years paying bills defunct internet girlfriend. In total, he sent "her" 200 thousand dollars »»»
Needless to say, a critical element to any security system is the human factor.
• Mr. Beam »»»
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