The radio station Ekho Moskvy, celebrates 20 years anniversary

On this day in 1990 the first radio station went on the air. Founder and first chief editor of Ekho Moskvy Sergei Korzun believes that since the principles of radio stations have not undergone major changes. He recalled that the “Echo[/t:[t:tag slug=exo]Echo” was created to “people to deceive are not hanged.”
Ekho Moskvy is where to move and grow - sure the chief editor Alexei Venediktov radio. This multimedia, video not only on the Internet, but also essential, with the use of new technologies - a task this year.

22 August 2010

An activist of Nashi, who shot a dog owner, offers four-legged examine psychiatrists

• In Omsk, the day of arrival of Dmitry Medvedev have removed a poster of the play "We are waiting for you, gay dwarf. Perhaps due to the fact that Dmitry Medvedev, a man of small stature, he could take it personally »»»
Omsk bloggers and journalists reported on the oddity that occurred on February 12 - the day of the visit of President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.
• Hurry up to become a resident of Country Video! »»»
You will be able not only to share thoughts and emotions with those who are glad to see you and hear but also grow and develop.
• À Omsk, le jour de l'arrivée de Dmitri Medvedev ont enlevé une affiche de la pièce "Nous vous attendons, nain gay. Peut-être dû au fait que Dmitri Medvedev, un homme de petite taille, il pourrait le prendre personnellement »»»
Omsk blogueurs et les journalistes rendu compte de l’étrangeté qui s’est produit le Février 12 - le jour de la visite du président russe Dmitri Medvedev.
• In Saudi Arabia banned the New Year »»»
Saudi authorities have warned people of the kingdom that the Christian celebration of New Year in any form is prohibited.
• American millionaire offered to create a separate state for refugees »»»
American millionaire Jason Buzi figured out how to solve the refugee issue once and for all.