1.5 million Russians had settled on foreign beaches. Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, suppressed the activity of crazed tour operators.

Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, literally crushed its activity crazed tour operators. In the first half of the year and a half million Russians go on holiday abroad. This dynamic was not practical since the beginning of the 2000’s. Moreover, none of the popular tourist countries have not shown negative dynamics. In the Thai leader, Lithuania, Egypt, Latvia and Montenegro. Apparently, the outcome of the summer season is unlikely to give rise to frustration.

The growth of outbound tour flows from Russia for the first six months of this year recorded in a special report of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, compiled according to the Federal State Statistics Service. “It turns out that the crisis was, after all, and now our fellow citizens to actively catch up. After declining exit in the first half of 2009 by 22,6% compared to six months of 2010 registered an increase - and how! 42,7% nearly 1,625,000 visits, this dynamic was not practical since the beginning of the 2000’s, “- said GZT.Ru Irina Tyurina, a representative of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT).
In the depths of Statistics

According to Turin, the second sensation of statistical evidence is that none of the 37 countries with a five-digit numbers departure of Russian tourists did not show for this half-year negative trend tour flow! “This was not there at least the last seven. Even Poland, which” fell “in 2004 because of the introduction of visa regime with Russia in the first half of 2010 gave a good increase of 23,6%,” - noted the PCT representative.

2 September 2010

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