Entrepreneur and surrounded his peasant farm buildings rocket engines “Grad”

Law enforcement authorities have discovered in the area Nerchinsk Zabaikalsky edge the village cemetery, surrounded by a fence of 80 missiles, and the peasant farm, the fence around it took 300 rounds of shells MLRS “Grad”, the press service of regional police department.

“How long and under what circumstances appeared fence at the cemetery, now find out the employees of the district police,” - said in a statement.

A similar fence erected local businessman, the gardens of his peasant farm. The construction of the fence took about 300 engine blocks rocket artillery MLRS “Grad”.

According to specialist Explosives, almost all the rockets that enterprising residents used instead of the columns were filled with dangerous and severe shocks or fire could burst.

2 September 2010

1.5 million Russians had settled on foreign beaches. Russian tourists, weary of the crisis, suppressed the activity of crazed tour operators.
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