American schoolboy, hitched to his nipples “crocodiles” and received electric shock, sued because he was not warned about the danger of electric shock

A student of a school in Dover, 18-year-old Kyle Dubois in March this year, right during the lesson, put on both his nipple clamps, “crocodiles”, and then another student stuck in the socket line. As a result, Kyle was so strong shock, that his heart for some time has stopped, and in serious condition was taken to hospital.

Now the young man filed a lawsuit against the city authorities, teachers and school administration. He argues that the teacher did not warn him and other students about the dangers that pose a demonstration of electrical conductors in the classroom, as well as pushing him to the fact that he struck his current, and proposed for it, “Mountain Dew”. The Administration is accused of allegedly knew about the habit of teachers to leave students unattended, but did nothing about it, wrote Union Leader.

The suit also states that the student received brain damage, suffers from short-term memory loss and other disorders as a result of the incident referred to.

3 September 2010

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