Abandoned Soviet-era school in the village Revky.

Photo-tour of the abandoned village school last century. We conducted whole expedition in the Chernobyl zone, to plunge into the atmosphere 20 years ago. And we have, it turns out, his side has its own attractions with preserved artifacts of the time. For me, a man who went to the first class in 1983, it was extremely interesting to wander between the objects that once surrounded me in childhood.

6 September 2010

Medvedev chose Mersedes GL500 for a trip to a potato field. Potatoes are barely able to find and then fine
Sushi delivery in seppuku - the best in Novosibirsk

• In Primorye, the students and teachers were driven to the festival at gunpoint »»»
As reported by RIA “Date’s” Senior Assistant Attorney Maritime Elena Telegin.
• The artist created a panel of 200 thousand dead ants »»»
An artist from California, Chris Truman (Chris Trueman) created a panel of 200 thousand dead ants, reports The Daily Telegraph.
• Licenses for the bookmakers may be indefinite »»»
Ministry of Finance proposed that the perpetual license for sports betting, which are now issued only for five years.
• Bohemian Hotel »»»
Thanks to Ian Shrager The Gramercy Park Hotel was one of the best hotels in New York.
• A new resource for primary school children »»»
A new resource for primary school children! Online http://pap.swf-psd.com now you can find many lessons and activities for primary school children.