Internet petitions are working … In any case, the U.S.

In early summer, the guys who make komiksCyanide Happinessobratilis the help of the Internet community: they tried to gather all in one place, but they have a problem with a member of the team named Dave. The problem was that Dave is a citizen of Ireland. You see, quite difficult to get a U.S. visa, if they know that …

7 September 2010

The legendary monument “Worker and Collective Farm” / Infographics / News “RIA Novosti”
Former Minister of Great Britain took the collapse of money antibonusnogo supernaloga

• Russian tourists wishing to travel to the U.S., no longer need to use the services of Pony Express »»»
Yesterday the U.S. Embassy moved to a new scheme for the issuance of nonimmigrant visas for Russian citizens.
• One-third of Russian citizens daily drink alcohol at work »»»
47% of respondents admitted that their companies have people who drink alcohol before coming to work, show the results of last poll portal Joblist.
• Social network (Internet) »»»
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• French senator put in Crimea insulting Obama T-shirt (MP bought "Funny little thing", strolling along the promenade) »»»
On such a bold move playfully he decided member of the delegation of French parliamentarians in the Crimea.
• Met and talked Dovlatov S. »»»
Domingo has cleared a path with his sword, and soon, together with the rescue of his comrades to be near Dahreynom.