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18 September 2010

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• Sea-tour »»»
Travel agencies and operators in the market providing services to recreation for a long time and every year the number of such firms is growing.
• Transfer. »»»
Help: Transfer - an organization by the tour operator client meetings at entry and shipping it by car or by other means to the airport, hotel or other destination.
• Approximately two thousand Russian tourists travel agencies bankrupt "Labyrinth" and "IntAer" remain abroad »»»
Mass export customers "Librinta" ended last weekend. As of this morning, abroad are about two thousand Russians who bought vouchers from this firm.
• Firm "" - comfortable passenger vans. »»»
We offer comfortable passenger services on the Voronezh region, Rossii.Dostavka employees to and from work.
• Foreign tours in 2016 will cost twice as expensive than a vacation in Russia because of the increase in the dollar and the euro. "Bricked demons ..." »»»
Including this reason, many choose holidays in the Russian direction.