(Was) Colombian police smashed a parrot with drug mafia alerts about the dangers

Police in Colombia have arrested “a talking bird, which” worked “an informant from drug traffickers. Parrot duly announced to the perpetrators of the approach of enemies in the face detention order.

Curious feathered offender named Lorenzo was caught during a police raid against drug traffickers in the city Barrankvilla, transmits television channel SkyNews. The parrot, seeing the police, shouting the same memorized phrases, until he was put in a cage.

When police became alarmed by Lorenzo loudly yelling: “run away, but then you get caught!”

Parrot still not able to prevent “their” because the police arrested two suspects. Also, she got rich booty in the form of more than two hundred weapons, stolen vehicle and a large consignment of marijuana. In addition, captured by the militia landed himself Lorenzo.

Last Wednesday, a criminal parrot showed reporters. Seeing a room of strangers, the bird again took to the old, shouting the phrase about the immediate flight.

20 September 2010

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