Odnotsentovuyu coin sold for 1.7 million dollars

Coin one cent was sold at auction in New Jersey for 1.7 million dollars, reports UPI. Such a high value of the lot due to the uniqueness of the coin - the fact that the penny minted in 1943 at the Denver Mint, was wrongly cast in bronze, rather than galvanized steel, as was customary at that time.

During World War II coins were cast from galvanized steel to save copper, which is the main component of bronze, for the military industry. However, a mistake that happened at the mint, penny with the image of Abraham Lincoln was cast from a copper alloy. It is believed that sold the coin is unique.

According to representatives of Numismatic Society Legend Numismatics of Lincroft, acted as the organizer of trading, a unique coin was put up for auction only four years after the start of negotiations with the previous owner of a cent. As noted by the agency interlocutor, the negotiations were very hard, but the Numismatic Society managed to get a coin.

Buyer cents became a businessman from south-west United States. It is expected that proceeds from the sale of a cent will go to charity.

24 September 2010

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