Employees of the Bank persuaded the robber to get money on credit

Bank employees were able to persuade the robber to get money on credit, rather than to commit a robbery. Judging by what today are the robbers, it is not so surprising.

59-year-old Mark Smith (Mark Smith) went to a bank in the U.S. city Vatsonvill and told employees that he has a bomb and explode it in if he does not get 2,000 dollars.

But the bank manager was able to convince Smith to take money on credit, as this will help him deal with financial problems.

While Smith calmly waited until a bank employee to execute documents, the manager called the police. “Due to the fact that the bank staff was able to divert the offender, all were no casualties - told the Santa Cruz Sentinel police Lt. Darren Thompson (Darren Thompson).

Police arrested Smith for suspicion of attempted robbery and for possession of a false statement about a bomb. Actually, Smith is not had no weapons, said Lt. Thompson.

25 September 2010

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