Learn, grow and play!

The range of shops Neopod.ru a host of new products, which embody the main character’s favorite kids cartoon series “The Adventures of Luntik. Now kids will be able to:

* Take a walk in the company of your favorite hero, dressed for the season.
* Shelter from the rain under an umbrella “Luntik.
* Sleep on a pillow, which is attached to the Lunar bee.
* To listen to the stories that they tell the electronic book “The Guest from the moon.”

To development processes and training kids were happier, our shop to fill up and a selection of interactive toys for children. Among them we can find a toy for the little ones from the company VTech: Gymnastic Center, a training chair, Yulu. And also - a lot of toys for children aged 1.5 years: the miracle phone, magic tree Pooh, telephone lion and the Turtles, and even learning the garage!

30 September 2010

Collection of children’s furniture and interactive animals
Do not go into the army if you do not want to! We’ll help you!

• Collection of children's furniture and interactive animals »»»
Each week, our shop is expanding its range and is becoming more and more children’s products.
• The government will allocate 5.4 billion rubles for the development of children's center "Artek" »»»
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a program for the development of the international children's center "Artek" for the years 2015-2020.
• Making your child's birthday balloons »»»
Children are waiting for a holiday look and happily respond to every detail of the celebration.
• The new global social project - "The Big Book of Love" »»»
In RuNet launched a new social project, an idea that is unique to the CIS countries.
• Children's online shop - buy children's clothes »»»
Only on our site you will find the best online store of goods for children: children’s shops cues, children’s shoes online store, to buy children’s clothes, and much more.