Collection of children’s furniture and interactive animals

Each week, our shop is expanding its range and is becoming more and more children’s products. In the news website we post information about the most interesting of them.

In the last week of September we are pleased to offer its customers a striking new sets of children’s furniture. Among them - and furniture “in mind” for children from birth, and specialized furniture sets for girls and boys older.

The design of the combined sets for toddlers suggests that the first time they will be used as a highchair. Subsequently, high chairs stands dismantled, and their lower parts are transformed into desks.

Complete sets of furniture for kids of kindergarten age are focused not only on convenience but also on the expression of individuality small owner. For example, a set of furniture “Big Race” unequivocally speaks around the fact that the house lives a little man, looking for your own car. A set of furniture in pink and white - that lives in the house a little princess.

We also advise our customers to pay attention to a series of interactive animal Animal Planet. Toys of this series are well-known animals of our planet - the bears, elephants, snakes, purebred dogs. They are very soft and pleasant to the touch. Touching your legs of these animals are regarded as a greeting: shall turn my head and make sounds that are characteristic for the prototype. Eye toy while flashing bright lights. Duration of the “welcome show these funny animals is 18 seconds.

30 September 2010

Today, all over the world celebrate the International Day of Older Persons.
Learn, grow and play!

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