A bit of negativity about the wind generators

In Minnesota, the USA, erupted grave scandal. According to independent researchers, wind generators for home use do not produce the amount of energy that is advertised by producers. According to one of the residents of Minnesota and landowner John Christenson, the performance of its wind turbine at 25% below the manufacturer’s.

2 October 2010

Everyone knows the tale of ryabe hen that laid the golden egg How to Cook Chicken
ISF - an intuitive combat system (2010)

• Rotating Tower - a new project in Dubai »»»
“Living Tower” or the “Rotating Tower” - a new project of mega-towers, which planned to be built in Dubai, was presented in New York by Italian architect David Fisher.
• Ozzy Osbourne was a descendant of Neanderthals and a relative of Nicholas II »»»
Researchers studying the DNA of the famous singer Ozzy Osbourne, and found that he is a distant cousin of King George I, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and the bandit Jesse James.
• Briton received on the 100th anniversary of male striptease »»»
A resident of Nottinghamshire celebrates the 100th anniversary of the pub, where she performed the dance stripper.
• Residents of flats Novosibirsk lit in the windows of the word "Russia" »»»
Unusual flashmob held residents of the house on the street aircraft manufacturers.
• Interior Ministry allowed the goats to drink driving »»»
Ministry of Interior of Russia informs, that alcohol and driving is possible without consequences, but it refers mainly to the livestock.