Lost in Kaliningrad teenager looking for four days and found the computer room

Missing on Sunday 12-year-old Arthur Orange, found on Thursday in one of the computer room of Kaliningrad, RIA Novosti reported the press service of regional police department.

October 3, about 16 hours of the boy came from a friend who lives in the neighborhood, but home was not hit. The same evening the teenager’s parents appealed to the police “- said the press officer.

Announcements about the disappearance of Arthur Orange placed on television, radio, online and even on lampposts. To search for connected and volunteers. Only on Thursday guard the computer room by the photos of the child identified and contacted by phone with one of the volunteers. Near the hall volunteer met a group of boys, among whom was the missing Arthur. Children are asked for money on computer games. Volunteer to pay for the children and called the police and the boy’s parents. All the while as they walked the search of Arthur, the teenager was in the computer room, sleeping in the doorway stands next to apartment buildings. According to the boy’s return home he would not, because he feared that parents would scold him.

“When my mother and the police arrived at the game club, the teenager, suspecting nothing, I played in a computer. Now Arthur is with his parents at the police station,” - said the press officer.

7 October 2010

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