Outlawed in 2007, Action, Crime in the city streets ruled by gangs of skinheads. In areas under their control the police did not look at risk. Ordinary citizens, naterpevshis from the wild revelry of thugs forced to rebuff yourself. They create their antibandu. But having no experience in the brutal dismantling, brave souls are invited to the Iraq war veteran Bryant, recently returned from armii.Vpolne disappointed in the Civil …

9 October 2010

Ukrainian book
Release mailing “Lotus Notes / Domino - Product and tool. Issue: 299″ on 10/08/2010

• Blocked guerrillas during the negotiations was wounded and taken to hospital »»»
The former British prisoner Raul Mote previously gunman in northern England in a few people.
• Belarusian police forbade applause »»»
Independence Day of Belarus, on July 3, during the public festivals citizens can only applaud the veterans.
• (April 1 continues?) In the ranks of the police one of the provinces of Thailand is the macaque »»»
In Thailand, in the police force is the province of Yala monkey, wrote The Daily Telegraph.
• The police for some unknown reason, shot himself in the shoulder, and then said that his wounded black gangsters »»»
Sergeant Robert Rolston with 21-year veteran of service in the Philadelphia Police said that was attacked by two black thugs, one of whom shot him in the shoulder.
• Chuck Norris became the idol of the soldiers in Iraq »»»
The inscriptions that praise the talent and martial art, 68-year-old “tough Walker” can be commonly seen on U.