In Novokuznetsk voted for Chuck Norris

For a place under the political sun yesterday fought more than 100 thousand candidates from seven political parties. Receives an average of eight people on the seats.

In Novokuznetsk, for example, voted … for Hollywood karate Chuck Norris. Local online community felt that to put check marks for the candidates proposed bored, and put up a flash mob. 50 voters wrote in the newsletter this sonorous name.

Meanwhile, at some sites in Tuva because of lack of mobile voting boxes used for parcels and boxes, pasted wallpaper. Telephone terrorist “mined” the site in Vladivostok. Rostov police checked the claim: that one of the sites Electoral Commission drinking wine and vodka. But to the dismay of local journalists, “refresh” the election news was not confirmed.

11 October 2010

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Superhuman - the fastest hands in the world

• One-third of Russian citizens daily drink alcohol at work »»»
47% of respondents admitted that their companies have people who drink alcohol before coming to work, show the results of last poll portal Joblist.
• Please note, the contest! »»»
Please note, the contest! It must be somewhat insulting to know that you - an excellent cook, but your ability to evaluate nobody, except for family and friends.
• Political slogans instead of the results of football matches. Unidentified hackers broke today the site of Petersburg club Zenit »»»
On its front page large portraits of Governor Valentina Matvienko and the speaker of the local parliament Vadim Tyulpanov with offensive records in their address.
• 1st monthly premium "Wag" »»»
My friends! 13 April 2007 establishes the “Monthly Prize in LJ-PR and the organization of shares - Wag”!
• The judge dismissed for photos in VKontakte, will plead with bloggers and the media »»»
A federal judge Ulan-Ude Irina Lewandowski, who was fired after the publication of her private photos online.